About to jump headlong into 2.0

I signed up with a Powerful Learning Practice team at school, and the idea is I will learn to be a more comfortable, creative and participatory user of web 2.0 media.  Why am I doing this? To understand why the “new way” is better than the “old way.”  To not be one of the people who says “When I was in school…..”  and then tells a story involving a chalk board and a telephone call (on a land line.)  To become a better educator.  I think that by knowing more about all the choices available, I can then pick the ones are the most workable for whatever I am trying to do at any particular time. 

And because I trust Gail Corder, our leader, and the members of my PLP team, and this gives me a chance to know all of them better as well.  Ah….connected learning.


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